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Supply chain security technology

Supply chain security technology plays a central role in the anti-illicit trade strategies of manufacturers, governments and international regulatory bodies as an effective means of tracking, tracing and authenticating products as well as controlling production volumes.




Around 12% of the global cigarette market today is estimated to be illicit, equating to 600 billion illegal cigarettes sold each year (Source: DCTA Global).


This is costing legitimate tobacco companies and national governments tens of billions of dollars a year in lost sales and tax revenues. 


Methods currently in use to combat this problem however, like paper-based tax stamps or complex back-end systems fall short in achieving goals of reducing the amount of illegal product. 



"Around 12% of the global cigarette market today is estimated to be illicit."


Source: Digital Coding and Tracking Association (DCTA) Global


A technologically advanced approach is needed to deal with the increasing threat of counterfeit, tax-evasion and other illicit trade.


blue-infinity’s AIT Central solution includes the following, industry-specific advantages:


  • Gives government complete oversight of the manufacturing process
  • Provides a comprehensive, fully digital, tax verification tool
  • Highly secure
  • Runs on easily affordable and integrated equipment
  • Is an automated and on-line solution, supporting moves towards e-government
  • Provides full product traceability
  • Allows product authentication by anyone


Importantly, AIT Central solutions support compliance with international regulatory requirements, including the WHO FCTC Protocol on Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products.


These solutions have been widely adopted by the major players in the tobacco industry.


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"We are in collaboration with blue-infinity for many years on our Tracking & Tracing solution... Their excellent support services ensuring responsiveness and quality of back-up service are remarkable" 


Senior Manager, Anti Illicit Trade Technology R&D at Philip Morris International