blue-infinity's Anti-Illicit Trade (AIT) Central is a suite of off-the-shelf solutions and packaged services helping manufacturers fight illicit trade globally for the past 10 years.


Counterfeit, smuggling and tax evasion are costing legitimate businesses billions of dollars in revenue every year. Consumers are continually threatened with potentially dangerous products.  Current methods are often failing to protect businesses and consumers from the risks associated with illicit trade.


Special inks, holograms and other design mechanisms are being more easily copied and in quicker time – in some cases in as little as three weeks. Traditional means of tracking, tracing and authentication are thus no longer secure.


A highly advanced technology is needed to provide assurance to this growing threat and to remove the deficiencies in current product security which are exposing goods to counterfeiters.

Counterfeit products: some facts


*  In India, the market for counterfeit luxury goods is increasing by 40% each year (Economic Times)


*  Tobacco fraud in the UK alone costs taxpayers 3.2 billion USD per annum (HM Revenue & Customs)


*  50% of online drug prescriptions are non-genuine (World Health Organisation statistics) 



AIT Central is made up of three solutions as well as specific packaged services for their deployment, operation and management. 


blue-infinity has been helping manufacturers deploy AIT Central to combat illicit trade, meet regulations and protect their brands and customers for almost 10 years. Our unmatched experience has seen the deployment of the solution across hundreds of production lines in thousands of tracking locations worldwide. 


At the heart of AIT Central's solutions is a breakthrough coding and authentication technology that is impossible for counterfeiters to reproduce. Securely encrypted unique codes are generated and printed on product packaging, during the production process.

Cutting edge, non-replicable authentication technology

AIT Central's three solutions ensure that the entire lifecycle of a product, throughout the supply chain, is secure.


  • Serialisation through marking of products with unique encrypted codes during production, impossible for counterfeiters to reproduce
  • Tracking the product journey in the supply chain from manufacturer up to the first retailer
  • Authenticating the product history to secure its traceability


blue-infinity is a Swiss company based in Geneva employing over 500 experts. Founded in 1995, blue-infinity is trusted by some of the most prestigious companies and brand names in the world.


The result of over 10 years of product development

AIT Central is the fruit of our work with major manufacturers for over 10 years and blue-infinity is the only experienced integrator of this solution. We have deployed the solutions across production lines and tracking locations across the globe.


Reduced costs through technology-driven, off-the shelf, widely compatible products.

AIT Central helps reduce the labor cost of manual stamp tracking by implementing control via digital means. By leveraging existing hosted platforms, managed services, integration routines and skilled resources, blue-infinity is able to provide AIT Central solutions both cost-efficiently and timely. In addition, these solutions run on off-the-shelf equipment, integrate with standard manufacturing systems, enable government oversight and can be applied to almost any product and manufacturer, large and small. 


Fully packaged services for timely roll-out, efficient operations and reliable management. 

With our experts focused on delivering solid, scaleable technology solutions, blue-infinity provides a full set of services for IT solutions from strategy, development, user experience and design, to project management, architecture, security, integration, hosting and support. 


Our dedicated AIT Central team and bespoke packaged services enable our clients to deploy, operate and manage their systems in record time. Securely, reliably and efficiently.