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blue-infinity is the only experienced end-to-end integrator worldwide.

1.Unmatched experience

blue-infinity has worked with industry leaders to develop this technology and a specifically designed service package for nearly 10 years. We are today the sole experienced integrators of the full solution worldwide. Our unrivalled experience means unmatched business, legislative and technical understanding, lower cost and quicker turn around for our clients.


Our clients trust us to deliver a fully integrated and automated authentication solution that is adapted to the specific industry or market and that conforms to their regulatory requirements. They demand on-time and cost-efficient delivery, with full understanding of their business imperatives.

Understanding business flows and securing your entire supply chain, from factories to warehousing and third party logistics, to the first retailer.


Through our experience, we are able to provide our clients with a complete understanding of their entire supply chain.


The key strength of blue-infinity lies in capturing and dealing with a large amount of data from various stakeholders in different stages of the supply chain. Together with full understanding of business flow, we integrate the solutions with IT systems across:


- Production lines (e.g. PLC)

- Factories (e.g. WMS, MES)

- Central Information System (e.g. ERP, CRM)

Scalable, cost-effective off-the-shelf solutions and packaged services


By leveraging existing hosted platforms, managed services, integration routines and skilled resources, blue-infinity is able to provide AIT Central both cost-efficiently and timely.


The solutions run via off-the-shelf equipment, integrate with standard manufacturing systems and can be applied to almost any product and manufacturer, large and small.


Clients also benefit from efficiencies stemming from our years of experience and knowlege on deploying the solutions.

Fully packaged services and a dedicated team of experts, experienced in business, legislative, regulatory and technical imperatives


Our dedicated team comprises experts who work with our clients and stakeholders, providing packaged services in analysis, implementation, project management, architecture design, security, development, integration, hosting, training and support.


blue-infinity's service packages have been designed to allow businesses to seamlessly deploy the solution. Our experts work together with your teams to impart their knowledge and expertise throughout the project to ensure that client teams are quickly autonomous and efficient.